Scarification is the creation of an artistic scar for aesthetic or ritualistic reasons. This is most commonly achieved by two methods; cutting and branding. There are many other methods that can be used, but these two are generally the safest and most easily controlled.

Simple cutting involves scalpeling a design into the skin, then healing the wound into a permanent scar. Designs that require larger, solid areas of scarring may require some tissue to be removed to achieve the desired effect.

Branding is another form of scarification which is more toxic and requires a more controlled environment to be safely practiced in. Proper air filtration, ventilation, and personal breathing filters are recommended for safe branding practices. Branding can have great results but is limited in the amount of detail that can be achieved. Branding is often described as much more painful than cutting but can be much faster.

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All gallery images are scarification and branding pieces done by Zuni.