If you would like to book an appointment with Zuni please do so with the links below.

When making plans to have a procedure done by Zuni here is a checklist to remember when coming to your appointment.

  1. Did I bring my mask? Zuni will not allow you in the studio without proper Personal Protective Equipment ie: Your mask!
  2. Did I bring proper Identification? Valid state-issued ID is required for all procedures. If underage, Parent must have a valid state-issued ID and so must the child. Also, bring a birth certificate just in case we need more identification.
  3. Do I have a fever? If so, STAY HOME!
  4. Have I been around anyone who might have or has been diagnosed with Covid-19? If yes, or maybe, STAY HOME!
  5. Have you eaten today? Nourish yourself before you come in to get your procedure done.

All appointments require a deposit. Deposits are subtracted from the total amount of your procedure at check out.

Colorado Booking

The Studio I am currently working at, Tribal Rites Tattoo and Body Piercing, is doing everything by appointment only. If you would like to book a body piercing appointment with me please click the calendar image above to book your appointment today.