Zuni - Body Modification Artist

Zuni has been a Professional Body Piercer and Scarification Artist since 2000.

Zuni’s body piercing career began in the Chicagoland area. He spent 15 years perfecting his craft in the Midwest and now finds himself calling Colorado home. He’s always excited to share his love for body modification and body suspension with anyone who shows interest.

Most importantly, Zuni takes pride in ensuring your experience is the best possible and uses only clean, sterile equipment in all his procedures. In addition, he uses only internally threaded implant grade titanium body jewelry in all his initial piercings. Zuni is also BloodBorne Pathogen Certified, CPR Certified, And First Aid Certified. So what are you waiting for? Message him today about that new body piercing you’ve been thinking about for months. How about that body suspension you have always dreamed about. Or perhaps get that scarification piece you’ve been contemplating. If you have any questions please feel free to go to my Instagram and send me a message, or check out our contact page and submit a message

I never had a formal apprenticeship, but have learned by some great mentors in the body modification community. I have made it a point along the way to learn from anyone that could educate me further. I am always learning. I try to present my work in a tasteful and professional manner. I am an artist of the flesh; Every person deserves that piercing, scarification, or other modification that they have always wanted, I am honored to leave my mark. ~Zuni