Would you Like Some Blood With That?

Bloody Nose

Can we get a little blood? – Inside TheZunster’s crazy mind.

On my computer i have hundreds and hundreds of photos. Some of which i will show from time to time. This photo shoot was a fun one.

A little history is in place first. I have a friend known as Beatbox Jeebus who i grew up with so we do have a bond different from others. He is a phenomenal Photographer featured in books, magazines, and art gallery’s around the world. About once every 2 or 3 months we get together and do collaboration pieces, my art of the body mixed with photography. I come up with a concept as far as my side of the are and Beatbox does poses, surroundings, and all the photographic elements in line for some fantastic imagery. Thats just a brief background on what we do and how we do it. Without his amazing skills i think being in as many magazines as ive been in wouldn’t of been possible.

Anyhow, This shoot, that i will be posting a gallery on the bottom of this post, was a shoot like no other. It definitely went into a direction that was unexpected by me. This shoot started as a “Play Piercing” shoot and quickly turned into one of the hottest “Blood Play” sessions I’ve ever seen. Everything in this shoot was real from the blood all the way to the i.v. in the models. I wanna make sure and say i did not put i.v.’s in anyone actually when i have shoots i always have a certified nurse as a assistant and as a precaution. The nurse on duty did all of the blood drawing and what not. All i actually did for this shoot was voice my ideas, help with lighting, and enjoy the raw sexuality of it all.

So please take the time and look through the gallery and enjoy some of my life’s work that i and all the people apart of love to do so much, and if you get a chance click on there links below and check out there portfolios.

I also need to say that all of these photos are unedited in anyway. These are all raw photos.

Special thanks to all the people involved in this shoot Emoshun, Tamara, Koffin Kitten, and last but not least Marty Solheim (aka Beatbox Jeebus).

If you would like to shoot with me and Marty please go to my contact page and shoot me a email. or visit me at ModelMayhem.com and email me there.

One Response to Would you Like Some Blood With That?

  • Kitten says:

    i fucking love this post, but i loved this day more. i swear this group makes the best team, i also love that we got a picture of the gatorade i threw up all over the floor. ha. can’t wait til the 25thhh

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