Curry Challenge

Dont really need to say much about this.. Just one of those boring days i guess.

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H1N1 Swine Flu Conspiracy?

I am one who really likes looking at all kinds of different angles to all types of stuff. Conspiracy Theories are one of those things i just love to watch or listen to. Any of my friends can tell you i watch documentries more then i watch regular movies. im always looking for diffrent views. Any way one of my favorite Conspiracy Theorists is Alex Jones From these 2 videos i cam across on youtube and i thought i would share them with you.

Now i will not say weither i agree with him or disagree with him because i dont want you to think diffrently of me but i will say that some of the many videos i have seen of his i do agree with alot of.




The Best Cinnamon Challenge

What can i saw about the following videos i have kindly uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

Well first off noone was hurt in the taping of this “stunt.” This is my apprentice Chance. He owes me money so this is what I made him do. I get bored easily so i have to entertain myself some how.. if you cant tell by my uncontrolable laughing.

Just Sit Back and Enjoy.




Old Footage Of Knee Suspension

In my endless attempt to keep my blog with updated content i have found videos from times past.. this video is interesting for some. to me its normal as shit. i took this footage at the Milwaukee Tattoo Convention cant remember the year or what it was called but none the less it is a video for your enjoyment. Oh The Beer City Tattoo convention.. i remember finely



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