Victoria’s Secret is Out – She’s Putting Formaldehyde in Her Bras

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Women are continuing to complain about the terrible side effects that they have experienced and still are experiencing as a result of wearing Victoria’s Secret’s bras. While at first glance this may seem like a frivolous complaint, it is far from frivolous. Women across the country are complaining of symptoms that have persisted for months including blisters that are bleeding and cracking, extreme breast swelling, itching and bruising. Some women have such severe symptoms they are unable to sleep at night. Many of these women and their doctors had no idea these symptoms were a result of the bras the women were wearing so they continued to wear the bras, which resulted in ongoing symptoms, lasting well beyond a few days or a few weeks.

Victoria’s Secret continues to deny the use of formaldehyde in their bras, but the complaints of women experiencing these horrific side effects tells a different story. The women suffering from these symptoms have a right to take legal action against Victoria’s Secret for putting a defective and dangerous product on the market that has caused them discomfort, harm, fear and in some cases, severe infections.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, contact a doctor immediately. It is important to seek medical attention to determine if your symptoms are a result of exposure to formaldehyde or due to something else. After seeking medical attention, contact an attorney to learn what your legal rights are and what action you may take against Victoria’s Secret.

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