Valentine’s Day Hanging!!!!!

Valentine’s Day was awesome. We had 96.7 I-Rock out at the shop doing a live feed. We had a ton of people come threw the shop and check out the suspensions we were doing. We have had a few nay sayers on the suspension subject but all and all people are really taking a liking to watching and participating in our suspension events.

Funny thing is 96.7 I-Rock posted photos of the event onto there facebook which caused a lot of constructive conversation. People were asking why people do it, some were saying it was gross, and surprisingly enough a lot of people responded respectfully and told these people why they do it and what it did for them. It was really a great conversation there was no bashing and no foul language. But of course 96.7 deleted all the photos because of this and i was really disappointed. I really wanted people to read what was said. I think some people may of came out of the word work and wanted to try it.

You Win Some, You Lose Some…

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