Things Are Only Getting Better.

Its been nearly 2 month since my last post and let me tell you its been busy. Business has been great. I am really enjoying bloomington and meeting all the new people i do on a daily basis. the past 2 weeks have been a little slow but it is a much needed break. So im busting out some blog content tonight for the next few months. ive had a few things saved that i had been meaning to blog or post and just haven’t gotten around to doing so.

Some things to come:

-Ritual Flesh Suspension Team will now be meeting the fist sunday of every month. We will also be taking emails from people who would like to suspend. Please visit out facebook page see what we are all about and what we may have to offer you. And if you wanna be really awesome click the like button when you get there. Click the link below to check out Ritual Flesh Suspension Team. If interested in Body Suspension, or the team message us on our Facebook Page or email us at

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Its Been Busy

Its been a month since my last post and its not because i didn’t want to. Its been really busy at the shop lately and i haven’t hand much of a chance to post. I haven’t done much out of the norm lately but i did manage to take a few photos to share with everyone. I really need to get in the habit of taking pictures more often. Then id be able to blog a bit more regularly.

I am really happy at the response i have been getting from people in Bloomington, Illinois. There really taking well to the suspensions ive introduced alot of them to as well as the scarification. For once im in a town that i actually have multiple appointments for scarification work. That makes me smile. I’ve said it before and ill say it again. Thank You to everyone in Bloomington for making me feel so welcome and appreciating my art.

Cheers To All Of You

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