Surface Piercing

Anti-Tragus Surface Piercing

I did this Surface Piercing on my lovly Fience a little over a year ago. Surface Piercings are known for migration and not being a piercing with good longevity. Your biology, aftercare practices, and daily abuse can play a huge factor into weither your surface piercing will last the test of time or not. Surface Piercing seen here with Anatometal 18k Gold Tama Threaded Ends.


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6 Year Old Anti-Eyebrow

This was a good surprise to me. This is a old school customer of mine. He Stopped in at Andy’s Tat2 Crue to get some anchors done a few weeks ago. I was happy to see that he had a healthy looking healed anti-eyebrow that i did over 6 years ago.

One of my new things ive been trying to remember to do is take photos of healed work that ive done. Only because i get asked quite a bit how certain piercings in my portfolio have healed. So im trying to show some proof.

As always its good to see clients from years ago and some how they always find me.

Thanks for all my clients support. I love my job and with out all of you loyal customers of mine i wouldn’t enjoy my job as much as i do.


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