Floral/Geometric Scarification

I did this scarification piece on the lower back of a lovely lady in Bloomington, Illinois some time back. I was very happy to do this scarification piece it looked beautiful freshly done and i think the scar came out great as well.

IMG_3801 IMG_5700

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Omega Scarification

I was very interested to see how this scarification would heal. I have not done many scarifications on darker skin people. Sadly i moved shortly after doing this scarification piece in Chicago and i never got a healed photo of it.


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New Scarification Piece

Thank You to Andy’s Tat2 Crue for letting me do this wonderful appointment a few weeks ago at there shop. I Don’t have much of a update this week. It has been kinda slow lately but of course that’s what happens around here during winter. I have been keeping busy with other things and i have had a few cool piercings i will be sharing with all you sometime later this week. Keep Your Eyes Pealed….


Deeper Meaning

I did this flesh peel scarification 2 weeks ago and it was one of those requests that was touching.

She showed me this scar she had across her back. It was very faint due to the age of the scar. The scar was 20 or more years old.

She told me when she was 10 years old a man attempted to rape her. There was a fight and in the fight her back got sliced open from a nail that was on the wall. She said she fought so hard that he didn't accomplish what he wanted. She ultimatly asked me for a scar that would stay forever and remind her of her victory.

I was deeply touched by her story of what happened to her. I felt great after doing it she was so happy and couldn't stop saying how much she loved it.

I just felt like i should share this experience. It was something that really touched me. I enjoy my job to much sometimes.

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