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I did this Surface Piercing on my lovly Fience a little over a year ago. Surface Piercings are known for migration and not being a piercing with good longevity. Your biology, aftercare practices, and daily abuse can play a huge factor into weither your surface piercing will last the test of time or not. Surface Piercing seen here with Anatometal 18k Gold Tama Threaded Ends.


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Yes JoeSnake cam threw the shop last month and brought me all kinds of goodies from Evolve Body Jewelry Company. I just wanted to post some photos showing some of the cool stuff i got. JoeSnake was fun as hell and a great representative for Evolve i recommend any piercers that look at my page buy from this guy. I look forward to the next visit.



It is now official i will be the only seller of Omerica Organic Plugs in Illinois. I put in my order a few days ago, and because everything is made by hand it will be 4 weeks till i get my order in. I’m excited they have tons of really hot designs and best of all its all American made.

Ive included a few photos of some of there body jewelry. From what I’ve seen of there product its very nicely made and the wood is just flat out beautiful. Click the banner above and go check out the rest of there site.

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