Meeting Of Styles 2009 Little Late Post…

The “Meeting Of Styles” is a graffiti art expo if you will that takes place over the hole world.. One of the stops on the Meeting Of Styles is in Chicago.

Now just to break it down for the people not in the now. basically this is a huge art showing. a bunch of different locations have art gallery showings. there are also teams of artists that tag pieces in various areas of the city. I believe it all takes place on one particular road for quite a distance. Now i will be posting on here when the next one is as well as where the party will be so be sure to check back. in the mean time i included some photos of one of last years tags my brothers at Ageless Arts Tattoo did on Kedzie st.

And Below i am also leaving the schedule for the 2010 Meeting Of Styles, And please come to the next one and have a good time with all of us.

Meeting Of Styles Schedule for 2010

29-30 May, Perpignan (France)
11-13 June, Mainz-Kastel (Germany)
16-18 July, Zürich (Switzerland)
23-25 July, St. Petersburg (Russia)
29-31 July, Wiesbaden (Germany) – Meeting Of Styles Expo
13-15 August, Sao Paulo (Brasil)
06-08 August, Belfast (Irland)
20-21 August, London (England)
03-05 September, Montreal (Canada)
10-12 September, East Coast (USA)
17-19 September, Chicago (USA)
24-26 September, West Coast (USA)
01-03 October, Mexico DF (Mexico)
08-10 October, Wroclaw (Poland)
Ocotber, Lisbon (Portugal)
22-24 October, Venice (Italy)
29-31 October, Lima (Peru)
27-28 November, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia

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