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Careless Consumers, I Just Cant Compete.

Nowadays its getting harder and harder to compete with other piercers. It gets really hard trying to compete with a piercer that is charging $10 a piercing using questionable external threaded jewelry. When i am using internally threaded APP Certified jewelry it costs me $10 some times more just for your standard surgical stainless steel barbell. I would like to blam the consumer in most cases for not caring enough about there health and well being, but i’m not sure that’s the case.  In my opinion i think its a lack of exposure and knowledge to what is involved and what is right in wrong. I do my best to educate everyone that i come in contact with at least a little both in the shop as well as when im out and about.

With that said (your probably wondering why all the blabbering?) May 13, 14, and 15th was InkFest Live Tattoo Expo and i was there piercing with Ageless Arts Tattoo from Chicago. I had a great time had a few friends up here from Champaign, IL. Had quite a lot of customers come up showing my pieces off which was nice, and luckily everyone liked my work.

Unfortunately i wasn’t as busy as i would of liked to be. Part of it was the little notice i had to prepare for the convention hard to book shit with a week notice. The other part was i just could not compete with the other piercers doing 20 and 30 dollar piercings and 30 dollar micro-dermal anchors. But i just sit back and laugh sometime cause the world really amazes me sometimes.

Not even 2 weeks after the convention ive started to have people trickling into the tattoo shop wanting dermal anchors removed and they got them done at this convention and they all have said i remembered you from the convention. And i ask them what made you go to the other piercer to get them done. Every time it was to save 30 dollars.These anchors below are one example. This customer came in last week the problem here is 1 the rise of the anchor was way small combined with a 2mm tiny gem end they sucked right in with in a week.

Just a few words of wisdom for the potential piercee. Don’t judge something by the price especially when your well being is at stake. Do your research ask questions. If your piercer isn’t as helpful as he can be get out of there. Any decent piercer will take the time to educate you but you have to ask what you want to know.

If your paying next to nothing for a piercing there is always a catch. Weather its cheap shotty jewelry or shotty piercing all together there is always a catch. And be aware of the photo above about jewelry threading. Excess damage to tissue during a piercing is never good for healing and maintaining a healthy piercing. Internal threaded jewelry is where it is at. A little more pricy but a over all better product.

Lastly micro-dermal anchors are a advanced piercing as is surface work, and genitals not every piercer is equip with the knowledge to produce a solid anchor insertion. Be aware and as always ask questions. Email other piercers, go to other tattoo shops and see what everyone tells you.

Thank you i will be posting more on InkFest Live, Photos, and more.

What To Know About Pregnancy & Body Piercings

In my career of almost 11 years i get asked all kinds of questions regarding pregnancy and body piercings. In this blog i will address a few of the most common misconceptions about body piercings and pregnancy.

Navel Piercings And Pregnancy –

Navel jewelry may be left in place; some women leave jewelry in during their entire pregnancy and delivery. If, during your pregnancy the piercing becomes uncomfortable, you can replace the jewelry with Tygon or PTFE, which are inert plastics (something like thick fishing line). These will bend and flex with your changing body, be more comfortable, and are safe to wear. is a company that makes getting your pregnancy safe navel jewelry fast and easy. These flexible barbells are made out of what i think is tygon or teflon a flexible surgical plastic made to reduce pressure on fresh piercings. Perfect for a growing belly…

Side Note: I contacted Denee from to find out what exactly what her barbells were made of and i got a responce i wasn’t prepaired for.

"Hi Zuni,

That would be great if you want to write a blog and send pregnant women with
piercings my way!  Pregnancy Piercings are made of medical grade plastic, please
refer to it as that."

My follow up question to her response was…”what is medical grade plastic, what kind of medical grade plastic?”

They are manufactured with various types of metals and plastics, she stated. ....

With that said i like to know what my body jewelry is made of. Every body jewelry company i have worked with is more then happy to tell you what there jewelry is made out of and in most cases they will send you a metal certificate showing everything you need to know about the quality of the material used. This company however didn’t bother to inform me of this at all. In my professional opinion this is not a good thing.

Breast Feeding And Nipple Piercings-

To the piercing communities knowledge there has never been a single case of a woman who wished to breast feed and could not as a result of having had a nipple piercing. The milk ducts are a multiplicity of little pore-like ducts. Therefore, the likelihood of closing them all off from a piercing of usual size is virtually nil.

Most women do remove their jewelry for breast feeding and we believe this to be appropriate. As a result, some milk may come from the site of the piercing during nursing, which is not harmful nor problematic.

Body Piercing During Pregnancy-

It is advisable to refrain from undergoing any and all body art procedures during a pregnancy, even just an ear lobe stretch. It is best to let your body focus on the important, complex and demanding task that it is handling already. When you’re pregnant your body has a weaker immune system and can’t fight off those germs as well as when you’re able to heal at 100%.  If you did get an infection, at the least, possibly even a staph infection, it can be fatal to your unborn baby.

This is just a bit of information i wanted to share with all of you.  Hope you enjoy

Study Finds PBDE’s in Common Household Products Reduce Fertility in Women.

I Got This Useful Study from Hope You Enjoy.

A study by researchers at the University of California, Berkely has linked reduced fertility in women to exposure of a compound in flame-retardants used in common household items such as foam furniture, electronics, fabrics, carpets and plastics.

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), in three formulations of pentaBDE, octaBDE and decaBDE, were developed for use as flame-retardants in the 1970’s when the United States developed new fire safety standards. However, several states, including California, have banned the pentaBDE and octaBDE due to adverse health effects.

The problem is that PBDEs do not stay inside or on the products. They are known to leach out into the environment, contaminating house dust and building up in people’s fat cells over time. Studies suggest that 97 percent of U.S. residents have detectable levels of PBDEs in their blood, and that the levels in Americans are 20 times higher than in European people.

UC Berkely researchers found that women with those higher blood levels of PBDEs took longer to become pregnant compared with women who have lower levels of PBDEs, and linked each 10-fold increase in the blood concentration of PBDEs to a 30 percent decrease in the odds of becoming pregnant each month.

“There have been numerous animal studies that have found a range of health effects from exposure to PBDEs, but very little research has been done in humans. This latest paper is the first to address the impact on human fertility, and the results are surprisingly strong,” said the study’s lead author, Kim Harley, adjunct assistant professor of maternal and child health and associate director of the Center for Children’s Environmental Health Research at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced in December 2009 an agreement with three major manufacturers of decaBDE to end production, importation and sales of decaBDE for most uses in the United States by December 31, 2012, and to end all uses by the end of 2013.

“Though DecaBDE has been used as a flame retardant for years, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has long been concerned about its impact on human health and the environment. Studies have shown that decaBDE persists in the environment, potentially causes cancer and may impact brain function. DecaBDE also can degrade to more toxic chemicals that are frequently found in the environment and are hazardous to wildlife,” said Steve Owens, EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances, in response to the announcement:

The study will be published in the January 26, 2010 issue of the journalEnvironmental Health Perspectives.

Other co-authors of the study are Amy Marks, Jonathan Chevrier and Asa Bradman from the Center for Children’s Environmental Health Research at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health; and Andreas Sjödin from the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The National Institute of Environmental Health Science, the U.S. EPA and the CDC helped support this research.

If you or a loved one has suffered health issues such as infertility resulting from exposure to PBDE’s, you may be entitled to compensation and may also be eligible for participation in future class action lawsuits. Call Napoli Bern Ripka LLP today at 888-529-4669 to discuss your case and determine if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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Victoria’s Secret is Out – She’s Putting Formaldehyde in Her Bras

I Got This Useful Study from

Women are continuing to complain about the terrible side effects that they have experienced and still are experiencing as a result of wearing Victoria’s Secret’s bras. While at first glance this may seem like a frivolous complaint, it is far from frivolous. Women across the country are complaining of symptoms that have persisted for months including blisters that are bleeding and cracking, extreme breast swelling, itching and bruising. Some women have such severe symptoms they are unable to sleep at night. Many of these women and their doctors had no idea these symptoms were a result of the bras the women were wearing so they continued to wear the bras, which resulted in ongoing symptoms, lasting well beyond a few days or a few weeks.

Victoria’s Secret continues to deny the use of formaldehyde in their bras, but the complaints of women experiencing these horrific side effects tells a different story. The women suffering from these symptoms have a right to take legal action against Victoria’s Secret for putting a defective and dangerous product on the market that has caused them discomfort, harm, fear and in some cases, severe infections.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, contact a doctor immediately. It is important to seek medical attention to determine if your symptoms are a result of exposure to formaldehyde or due to something else. After seeking medical attention, contact an attorney to learn what your legal rights are and what action you may take against Victoria’s Secret.

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