Careless Consumers, I Just Cant Compete.

Nowadays its getting harder and harder to compete with other piercers. It gets really hard trying to compete with a piercer that is charging $10 a piercing using questionable external threaded jewelry. When i am using internally threaded APP Certified jewelry it costs me $10 some times more just for your standard surgical stainless steel barbell. I would like to blam the consumer in most cases for not caring enough about there health and well being, but i’m not sure that’s the case.  In my opinion i think its a lack of exposure and knowledge to what is involved and what is right in wrong. I do my best to educate everyone that i come in contact with at least a little both in the shop as well as when im out and about.

With that said (your probably wondering why all the blabbering?) May 13, 14, and 15th was InkFest Live Tattoo Expo and i was there piercing with Ageless Arts Tattoo from Chicago. I had a great time had a few friends up here from Champaign, IL. Had quite a lot of customers come up showing my pieces off which was nice, and luckily everyone liked my work.

Unfortunately i wasn’t as busy as i would of liked to be. Part of it was the little notice i had to prepare for the convention hard to book shit with a week notice. The other part was i just could not compete with the other piercers doing 20 and 30 dollar piercings and 30 dollar micro-dermal anchors. But i just sit back and laugh sometime cause the world really amazes me sometimes.

Not even 2 weeks after the convention ive started to have people trickling into the tattoo shop wanting dermal anchors removed and they got them done at this convention and they all have said i remembered you from the convention. And i ask them what made you go to the other piercer to get them done. Every time it was to save 30 dollars.These anchors below are one example. This customer came in last week the problem here is 1 the rise of the anchor was way small combined with a 2mm tiny gem end they sucked right in with in a week.

Just a few words of wisdom for the potential piercee. Don’t judge something by the price especially when your well being is at stake. Do your research ask questions. If your piercer isn’t as helpful as he can be get out of there. Any decent piercer will take the time to educate you but you have to ask what you want to know.

If your paying next to nothing for a piercing there is always a catch. Weather its cheap shotty jewelry or shotty piercing all together there is always a catch. And be aware of the photo above about jewelry threading. Excess damage to tissue during a piercing is never good for healing and maintaining a healthy piercing. Internal threaded jewelry is where it is at. A little more pricy but a over all better product.

Lastly micro-dermal anchors are a advanced piercing as is surface work, and genitals not every piercer is equip with the knowledge to produce a solid anchor insertion. Be aware and as always ask questions. Email other piercers, go to other tattoo shops and see what everyone tells you.

Thank you i will be posting more on InkFest Live, Photos, and more.

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