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Valentine’s Day Hanging!!!!!

Valentine’s Day was awesome. We had 96.7 I-Rock out at the shop doing a live feed. We had a ton of people come threw the shop and check out the suspensions we were doing. We have had a few nay sayers on the suspension subject but all and all people are really taking a liking to watching and participating in our suspension events.

Funny thing is 96.7 I-Rock posted photos of the event onto there facebook which caused a lot of constructive conversation. People were asking why people do it, some were saying it was gross, and surprisingly enough a lot of people responded respectfully and told these people why they do it and what it did for them. It was really a great conversation there was no bashing and no foul language. But of course 96.7 deleted all the photos because of this and i was really disappointed. I really wanted people to read what was said. I think some people may of came out of the word work and wanted to try it.

You Win Some, You Lose Some…

Ritual Flesh Suspension Team

Ok we finally came up with a name for the suspension team. After a intense voteing process the winner is….. Ritual Flesh.

We are still in the process of finding members and expanding our gear but we have a name, and that was the hardest thing to do. haha

This is a short post but a sweet one. We still are looking for members that would like to learn, contribute, HANG around. If interested or if you have questions message me on Facebook and id be happy to chat.


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